Beach Resort

Diani Beach is a perfect surf spot: constant trade winds, flat-water conditions inside the reef and waves on the reef. Come and try the "mar d'Africa" for yourself!
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WaterLovers is located on the wonderful beach of Diani, a perfect destination for kite surf and windsurf lovers. Constant trade winds blow into the spacious, pristine beach and the reef offers flat-water conditions and waves.

The spot

The long fine and white beach of Diani stretches along a beautiful 25 kilometres. The beach is very wide although this varies substantially during the day, depending on the tides. The coral reef is 700 metres from the beach and serves as a natural barrier, allowing for flat water inside and wave conditions close to the reef. There are no sharks and turtles can be seen even close to the beach.
The spot is ideal for beginners and experts alike and offers plenty of space for safe launching and landing of kites.
For those who want to learn this fantastic sport, WaterLovers is very close to the best kite and windsurf school in Diani, H2O Extreme Water Sport Centre.

Wind conditions

Due to the trade winds, Diani is a spot offering perfect wind conditions and warm waters. You can leave your wetsuit at home - all you need here are board shorts and maybe a lycra for sun protection.

The KUSI blows from April to September and is a side-shore wind from the South. In this period air temperatures vary from 25° to 30° and wind speeds from 15 to 25 knots.

The KASKAZI blows from November to March and is a side-shore wind from the North. In this period air temperatures vary from 30° to 35° and wind speeds from 13 to 25 knots.

Weather forecast

To check on current wind and weather conditions, please go to meteo.