Beach Resort

WaterLovers' menu is a bespoke blend of the finest Mediterranean cuisine and traditional fresh ingredients found on the bountiful East African Coast.
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Our cuisine is a combination of a Mediterranean culinary experience and the precious ingredients the Equatorial African Coast has to offer. Our restaurant, Tides, has an exquisitely charming atmosphere as it is set by the pool overlooking the ocean; the restaurant structure is reminiscent of Greek architecture: spacious whitewashed arcades with wooden ceiling beams made of African cedar and a long, beautifully hand-crafted sofa that is invitingly decorated with fluffy pillows.

At Tides, we are extremely prudent to use only fresh and prime quality ingredients. As each and everything is homemade by our chefs, we are able to guarantee both quality and freshness: fresh pasta, warm bread and mouth-watering cakes and desserts.

Roasted pumpkin ravioli in crab and fish ragout, crab fagottini with avocado and lime sauce, passion fruit mousse with white chocolate flakes and mint leaves are only some of our recipes that will charm your taste buds into asking for seconds. Our work ethic translates into the personalised service we are proud to offer, which leads to the unique and detailed presentation of our dishes.

The menu changes every day, with choices of fish and meat. Additionally, we would be happy to arrange personalised menus for vegetarians or guests with special diets if you so request.

You will find our Beach Bar, Ocean Spirit, is the perfect place to enjoy cocktails, fresh fruit juices, aperitifs and good music.

To get a taste of WaterLovers before coming as our guests, download a small selection of our recipes, WaterLovers Small Recipe Booklet.