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Sunshine for kids

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SUNSHINE4KIDS, the art to make sunshine

This project started after Pascale Perneel went to Kenya a couple of times for another project. We know Pascale and she is a regular guest of us; we strongly believe in her Sunshine4Kids and here is the description of the project from Pascale.

“Jambo, Jambo, Jambo! With these words you instantly get captured by the African atmosphere. ‘Jambo’ is Swahili word for ‘hello’. As Marleen Temmerman described it beautifully in her book, ‘it was love at first sight. Kenya got under my skin and it would never let me go’. And that was my case. I was a teacher for 23 years in ‘de Brug’, a primary school for children with special needs in Kortrijk. Teaching children with special needs pleased me a lot but due to medical issues I couldn’t continue this job. After having contact with some people I could join a project in Kenya. I was immediately interested. Step by step I felt more at home in Kenya and I realized that our help is very much welcome. But soon I realized that to be able to focus 100% on the educational part and to be able to respond to multiple needs I had to continue this on an independent level in partnership with some friends. That is way we created Sunshine4kids, a belgian non-profit organisation who wants to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education in Third World countries. For the moment we are supporting some schools in Ukunda, close to Diani Beach. Our support consists in providing the schools with school books, text and note books, school desks. We also facilitate transfers of knowlegde and experience in teaching by organizing traineeships for students and support from volunteers.

What is really missing in the schools, is:

  • writing materials and exercise books
  • learning books for the pupils
  • manuals for the teachers
  • drawing paper and thick paper
  • drawing and art materials

Being the cost for shipping a container very high and us being limited in personal luggage kg’s, it is more advisable to buy the material in Kenya. They have it there, it is much cheaper then in Europe and in the mean time we support the local economy. If you want to financially contribute to the project, you can deposit on the following account: 751-2047241-96, Sunshine4kids, Koornbloemstraat 13, 8570 Vichte.

The accounting is very clear, and the travelling costs for the team are always being payed personally by the traveller. You can also send us an e-mail or give us a phone call:

056 772273
0476 324130
contact person: Pascale Perneel, Sunshine4kids

During our following journey to Kenya we will purchase the school material, bring it personally into the school and you will get pictures of this.

Asante Sana (thanks a lot in Swahili) in the name of all children in Ukunda!”