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While we were building WaterLovers, we didn’t have a place to stay so we rented a cottage at Rainbow4Kids. This was when we met Katrien, a charismatic and determined woman who founded Rainbow4Kids, a wonderful project supporting the education of the children in Ukunda. Here is a history of how the project was born, from Katrien Vermeersch.

“My name is Katrien Vermeersch. Together with my family I live in Lennik (province Flemish Brabant) in Belgium.

25 years long I was a kinder garden teacher. But nevertheless I missed a higher aim in life.

In the year 2000 I went for the First time to Kenya. When I arrived I immediately had the feeling that it was my second home.

A lot of trips would follow because I did fall in love with the African culture. The always friendly, appealing and also sharing mentality touched my heart. My vision of life changed drastically and the long for the black continent became more and more intense. In Africa I discovered my aim in life… ‘I wanted to mean something for them’.

I could establish how my Kenyan colleague-teachers had to teach in hard circumstances. Crooked houses made of mud with a straw roof where the rain gushed through, a total shortage of teaching material whatsoever, badly paid or not at all paid teachers, hungry children: these are only a few descriptions of the typical situations of the schools in Ukunda, a little village near to Diani Beach (South-Mombasa).

Deeply touched by this poignant situation my decision was made quickly: we had to do something about it…

Since most of the teachers work voluntarily and didn’t complete the right education I strongly believe that with our European experience and teaching material we can support the teachers so that they will stand motivated before the class.

That’s why I decided to took leave of absence in my job as teacher to follow up myself regularly the project and to support it.

We try to make the different for a better future of 350 pupils with following objectives:

Objective 1: Support of the teachers

  • Provide educational, didactic and pedagogic material
  • Explain personally how this material has to be used
  • Guide the teachers actively in the class

Objective 2: Control of the material

  • Is the material correctly used?
  • Is it managed, maintained well?

Objective 3: Acquire a sense of responsibility

  • Learn to take care of the material
  • Is everything stored properly?

Objective 4: Meals

  • Deliver free of charge rice and beans
  • Appoint a cook
  • Give children the chance to eat at least 2 x a day

Meanwhile I got, because of my convincing and personal testimonies, the support of 6 friends. Now we are a strong ‘Rainbow4kids’ team together with my man and our two sons. And we are very proud of it. Several times a year the team members go (trips are paid by our self) to Kenya to be able to support really the local schools by word and deed. That way we can monitor if the given aid, financial or material, is made good use of. And so we and our sponsors are sure that the collected mediate benefits directly and for 100% the schools in Ukunda. We decided to give our self completely.

We want to give as many children the chance for a better future by providing them one of the most elementary reasons of existence: ‘to go to school’…we try to contribute a little by offering the teachers the possibility to work with reliable educational material. But we take care of the fact that they keep their individuality and culture. But often we also get the remark that it’s anyhow only a drop in the ocean. But we don’t believe in it. We rather see it as a drop in an empty little barrel and you need a lot of drops before the barrel will overflow…and if it’s full we just put a second barrel next to it.

We started this project because of a lot of love for the Kenyan children but we are aware of the fact that our enthusiasm for the project is not enough for the prosperity of it. Without the necessary financial support we cannot guarantee continuity. As a consequence we started up as well a sponsoring program to guarantee the continuity of our free lunch program (see section ‘support project’ on the site Rainbow4Kids. We know very well that we can’t help all the children. But if we, by our and your contribution, can give three or four of them this chance to let them start with higher education than we are convinced we succeeded in our purpose.

“if you can dream it … you can do it”

Katrien Vermeersch in name of the Rainbow4kids team
Olmenlaan 24
1750 Sint Martens Lennik
+32 2 532 21 85

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