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Reuniting colobus families
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A heartwarming story of How a baby colobus monkey was reunited with its Mother here at Waterlovers! Read the story written by the Colobus Conservation, a conservation organisation designed to promote the conservation, preservation and protection of primates like the nationally threatened Angolan colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in south eastern Kenya.

“Another orphan colobus came our way on a Saturday evening. A little boy was left on the ground at Diani Sea Resort as his ‘family’ went to their sleeping site. By the time we arrived it was after dark and we could not see his troop. We took him back to the Trust and he slept peacefully on a hot water bottle under the watchful eye of Molly. We returned bright and early at 6am in Sunday morning and hoped to re-connect him with his Mum. Sadly, it was not possible. When the troop saw the infant, the alpha male swooped down and dragged him away by his tail, climbed a tree and dropped him. Based on the troop’s reaction to the orphan and the age and sex composition of the troop we suspected that this troop may have 'stolen' the infant from a neighbuoring troop during an aggressive encounter on Saturday evening. On Monday morning we finally found a troop of colobus with a lactating female whose baby had not been since Friday afternoon. The troop was in Waterlovers, the neighbouring hotel to the one where our orphan was found, but we were sure it was the correct troop. So we brought the orphan to Waterlovers and placed him on a roof under the tree where the female was sitting. We had not even been able to get him out of his blanket before the female ran down, grabbed up the little boy (still in his blanket) and return to the safety of the trees. We believe he was dropped or stolen during an intertroop conflict on Saturday.”